Fund raising is a very important part of being a lion, as it is this process which allows us to support the community!

We run our Christmas Float throughout the month of December, covering all three towns with street collections and also at our local supermarkets. Last year our Christmas Float raised £3,600!  We would not be able to do this with a lot of support from the community, so if you would like to learn a few Christmas songs or if you have a few hours spare and would like to help out, please get in touch via the contact us page.

We also hold raffles at our local pubs and eateries, shops at Christmas and Easter to win a chocolate Father Christmas or a Easter egg.

In the summer we are often seen at local fetes with our Lion tombola and assorted games.

Every penny raised from any events and activities go directly back to the club charity account, which in turn is used 100% to support good causes.

Administrative costs for the club are paid for by the members, ensuring we never use any monies raised for running the club.