GMS Lions are helping to promote World Sight Day on Thursday 11th of October. The mayor from Gillingham is attending, plus the mayor from Shaftesbury. They have been kind enough to give up their spare time to assist us with this worthy cause.

The plan is as follows;
11:30 Mayors arrive at Town Hall Jubillee Room Coffee available if required. Blindfolded and issued with white sticks (Macular Society have been asked to provide sticks)

11:30 plus: Set off to Lidl. Whlist blindfolded the Mayors will attempt to buy a certain vegetable.

Next stop the card shop ,100 yds down the High street on the left. Here the Mayors will be invited to buy a birthday card / get well card.

Next Friths the opticians  on the left near the Post Office. Probably blindfolds off temporarily to see that they collects specs for us and to show how they read prescriptions on glasses..

Finally, Lloyds Bank to see if they can discover their bank balance at the inside cash point machine.

Then back up the high Street to the Town Hall where coffee / tea and biscuits will be available and there will be 3 or 4 members of the local macular society present for them to have a quick chat.

We also have a friendly lion in attendance so please come up and say hello.



Since Helen Keller spoke at the 1925 International Convention Lions Clubs have been carrying out Sight projects.  To save the sight or to improve sight is one of the greatest gifts that we can give to our fellow human beings.  All those who have suffered from cataracts will know the relief that comes after a successful operation – the world becomes clearer and more colourful.

How can Lions help?  We can support World Sight Day and World Vision month, Spek Trek, Sight Savers, the Korle Bu project, Talking Newspapers and LEHP as well as helping any individuals known to clubs who have lost their sight.


Lions are going out to promote world site day