When it comes down to it, we are just a bunch of friends doing good for our community. We have lots of social events because we believe in having fun, and it’s also a time where our partners and friends can come along.

  • We have things like a breakfast at our local farm shop
  • We have fun at the races
  • We have a stroll in a big house or garden then visit the café for tea and cake.
  • We have quiz evenings
  • We also have our handover meal for our new president . The incoming president chooses a place of their choice. (yes more eating!)

We also have our Annual Club Charter to celebrate when the club was founded.  This year (2022) we will celebrating 43 years!  We have a evening get together with good food, entertainment, fun and laughter. It is a black tie and posh frocks event too, so everyone has a grand time!